Followformation positions to let you buy Twitter followers

July 14, 2009


Mashable’s Jennifer seems to give new Twitter directory Followformation something of a cautious thumbs up. We’re not so sure.

The concept is easy; Twitter users are divided into categories and then, at a click (and with your Twitter login details), you can automatically follow the top 10 to 50 people in that category.

Jennifer argues that this is a good way for newbies to start following the relevant voices in the area that interests them the most. We might argue that newbies won’t have heard of Followformation.

Furthermore, Followformation plan a paid-for service where people can buy themselves into the top categories. Surely this is a barely round-about way to buy Twitter followers?

To give Followformation credit where credit is due they do plan to give some ‘qualified’ non-profits some exposure for free.

What do you think?