Dan Thornton (@badgergravling) on building online communities

July 9, 2009


Over at TheWayoftheWeb Dan Thornton has been kind enough to share the presentation he gave to the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.

We was invited to talk about building online communities and he took a useful birds eye view to this. His presentation is available via Slideshare but here are a few of our takeaways from it.

  1. Encourage popular people to contribute as this will encourage others to do the same.
  2. Reward good contributors with public recognition.
  3. Moderate lightly but firmly.

We agree with all those points. The reward aspect of social media is often neglected.

Brinkwire makes the point of listing the most popular press releases on any given week on the homepage and the most popular tags at the bottom of each page. Why? Not only does this showcase good material on our news site but it rewards those people who submitted it.

The Brinkwire site also links back to the five blogs who sent us the most traffic by citing our news releases in any given week too. This is a reward method that might encourage bloggers to cite our news but it also helps us build stronger bonds with the community.

It’s worth reading to the appendix as Dan kindly points out other bloggers; people like Neil Perkin, Martin Belam and Jeff Jarvis.

What would your top three tips for community building be?